Goins, 36, told police that he milked money from the non

Michael A. Goins, 36, told police that he milked money from the non profit, which is partially funded with taxpayer dollars, to pay for personal bills and airplane tickets, according to court documents filed Wednesday.”Even though Goins said that his intent was not to embezzle that much money, the juggling act got out of control and everything tumbled down when the IRS and others began calling for answers,” Detective Tony Aceves wrote in a probable cause affidavit.Goins appeared in Franklin County Superior Court on Wednesday, a day after he was arrested by police and booked into jail on suspicion of first degree theft.Judge Robert Swisher set bail at $100,000 after county Prosecutor Shawn Sant told the court that Goins was allegedly involved in another embezzlement case in New Jersey, where he worked at a retirement home.Prosecutors have until late Friday afternoon to officially charge Goins, who is under suicide watch at the jail.Court documents reveal Goins tried to commit suicide prior to his arrest, which led to police finding out troubling details about his past, including that he was once listed as a missing person in New Jersey shortly before being hired in Pasco.There was a long moment of silence Wednesday in court as Swisher read an affidavit detailing how Goins allegedly began stealing money from the agency just six months after he was hired in the summer of 2013.Police were notified Nov. 18 by the president of the downtown association’s board of directors, Michael Miller, that Goins might be stealing money from the agency, court documents said.

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